Quality for Reliability and Progress

RUDOLF Medical, as a partner of healthcare, is aware of the considerable responsibility the company has towards its customers and their patients.
RUDOLF Medical's traditional faithfulness towards lasting values, continuous progress and the re-certification of the company's Quality Management System are the basis for the company's success till nowadays.



It is RUDOLF Medical's goal not only to fully satisfy but even exceed the needs and requirements of its customers and their patients worldwide and to contribute to the progress of surgery by improving its products, services and processes continuously.

It is RUDOLF Medical's daily endevour to serve surgery by offering its customers and end-users worldwide innovative, state-of-the-art products of highest quality as well as comprehensive effective and prompt services.




Quality is RUDOLF Medical´s first commitment towards its customers, end-users and eventually towards patients.

To RUDOLF Medical quality means both exquisite Product and Service Quality. RUDOLF Medical Quality is achieved through the continuous improvement and further development of the products as well as the permanent monitoring and enhancement of all processes.


In all action spheres and company areas RUDOLF Medical is both customer and end-user oriented.
RUDOLF Medical focuses on the requirements of its customers by having a flexible approach tailored to their needs.


RUDOLF Medical seeks progress as for medical devices / surgical instruments through the continuous improvement of already existing products and the development of new, innovative devices in close co-operation with surgeons all over the world.

One of the targets of RUDOLF Medical´s Research and Development Department is to settle new, even higher product standards.



RUDOLF Medical´s innovative medical devices reflect the state-of-the-art technology and the latest achievements of science. RUDOLF Medical products meet and even exceed the highest quality standards.

RUDOLF Medical believes in the benefit of close co-operation both with its representatives and end-users. Therefore RUDOLF Medical offers its customers that prompt and effective Service they need in order to serve healthcare worldwide.