MasterCut Scissors

Our Masterpieces for Open Surgery


The excellent steel quality, the refined finish, the smooth movement and the fine cutting performance of the RUDOLF scissors delight every professional.

The RUDOLF green hard-coating of our MASTERCUT scissors is resistant against chemical cleaning and disinfection solutions as well as corrosion.
It provides features like that of ceramic coating for a prolonged lifetime.

Each pair of MASTERCUT scissors has been manufactured and finished individually by our long experienced master craftsmen and has therefore its
own individual certificate.

RUDOLF Sharpening

The MASTERCUT scissors have a micro serrated upper blade to avoid slipping of tissue.
The lower blade, with its special tapered profile, guarantees the minimally traumatic cutting of tissue.




DataMatrix Code

The DataMatrix Code on our MASTERCUT scissors includes an individual serial number.  




5 Versions of MASTERCUT Scissors Available!

Metzenbaum dissecting scissors, curved:

14.5 cm    RU 1311-14G

18.0 cm    RU 1331-18G

20.0 cm    RU 1331-20G

Mayo dissecting scissors, curved:

14.0 cm    RU 1251-14G

17.0 cm    RU 1251-17G 

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