RUDOLF Medical is a member of one of the worldwide most efficient Innovation Clusters 

TechnologyMountains e. V., one of the most efficient Innovation Clusters worldwide, has been awarded the GOLD Label

TechnologyMountains e. V. is a cooperation grouping with over 75 members, all companies specialised in Microtechnology, Medical Technology and Plastics Engineering.

The Cluster provides its members access to technical knowhow especially in the precision technology of following industry sectors Medical Technology, Electrical Engineering, Automotive and Mechanical Engineering with the aim to create competence networks and to promote innovation.

The Members, including RUDOLF Medical, benefit of the created synergies, thus boost their innovative capacity and ensure their steady development and growth.

TechnologyMountains e. V. ist a member of the Federal Programme "go-cluster" of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy.

In 2015 TechnologyMountains e.V. was awarded 

  • the "Cluster Management Excellence GOLD Label - Proven for Cluster Excellence (Gold Label)" of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative
  • the quality label "Cluster Excellence Baden-Wuerttemberg" of the Ministry of Finance and Economy Baden-Wuerttemberg.